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Smeg White KLF03WH's Retro Style Jug Kettle

Smoothie Blender & Chopper Ice Crusher Food Preperation Mixer Milkshake Maker

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Smoothie Blender, Deik 3-in-1 Multifunctional Single Serve With Food Chopper, Snappy Popcorn Snappy Popcorn 6 Oz. Paragon Contempo Pop Popcorn PopperSoda Maker to 1-8 NPT Female thread - Hose Adapter - PPSP987

There’s no shortage of news these days that will make your blood boil. But what really got me going was an article in USA Today about the next big threat to the economy: rising wages. I am no economist, but I’ve been reading business and economic news and analyzing the future of whole industries for … SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Wide Chute greenical Masticating Cold Press

Satake household rice mill mill [5] Go RSKM5DJapan magic import npelts716-Home

This post is about solo practitioners, loneliness, generosity, warmth, and what you should say to the people you work with. I worked in organizations for 40 years. I was always surrounded by people. We shared so much time together that we got to know and care about each other. I spent half of that at … Continued

Sodastream Boxed Carbonator U1013 60 L

SodaStream Fountain Home Soda Maker Kit 60L CO2 Cylinder, and 1L Classic Bottle

“I wrote a whole bunch of meaty blog posts. Could I make a book out of them?” That’s the seductive reasoning I hear from many clients. So let’s talk about what it takes to turn a blog into a book. Here’s a comment that appeared on my author survey yesterday: I write a blog, to … Slim Type Zojirushi SZ-JB02-ZD Stainless Thermos Food Jar Lunch Box

Soehnle Personenwaage Multi, Digital, Körperwaage, Waage, Glaswaage, 200kg 63757 Soi Tiger Extra large juice orange juice extractor size 30 30 22.5 cm.

Satake household rice mill mill [5] Go RSKM5DJapan magic import npelts716-Home

I want to know who nonfiction and business authors are and how they work. I’d like to know why they got started, what their goals were, did they accomplish those goals, how long did it take, how did they publish (or plan to publish), how many copies did they sell, and how they made money. … Slow Cooker Oval 5qt Hamilton Beach PROGRAMMABLE Buffet Lunch Dinner SHIPS FREE

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I’m now a little over four years into my corporate life as a freelance writer and editor. I try to be as transparent as possible. In that vein, today I’ll share a little of how I make a living, what works for me, and why. The work: writing and editing pay the bills In four … Continued

Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch is that rarest of creatures, a pro-life Democrat. But the recent abortion bans passed in states like Alabama are too extreme even for many abortion opponents. Lynch has responded in the Boston Globe by emphatically saying . . . nothing. There are a number of positions a politician can take on … Slow Masticating Juicer Cold Press Extractor with 3 Wide Chute for Fruits Sliver

Facebook’s under fire for allowing the posting of altered videos of Nancy Pelosi. One of those videos makes her appear drunk. For reasons that may not be clear at first, this is an existential crisis for Facebook. First, let’s clear up some confusion. There are at least two Pelosi videos under discussion right now. One, … Small Electric Kettle Auto Shut Off 1 Liter Tea Coffee Espresso Boils in 5 Mins

Sousvide Supreme Vacuum Sealer VS3000 w 12 Cooking Pouches

Satake household rice mill mill [5] Go RSKM5DJapan magic import npelts716-Home

Your editor makes a comment or suggestion you don’t like and don’t agree with. What do you do now? There is one wrong answer to this question, and three right answers. The wrong answer is to argue with the editor. Why? Convincing the editor that she is wrong is of no value to you. Who … Continued